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This page functions as a guide to my website. A viewing aid if you will. The site itself was started in 2002 as an avenue for presentation - as an expression of myself, my interests, my art - but not an explanation. Perhaps you will enjoy it. Perhaps not. Ultimately it only matters that I created it.

In many ways I have followed the traditional website format which is adapted from the old linear book form. This is partly because it works for my purposes here and partly because I am still learning this design process and developing my own style. I am limited by current web technology and my ability to best utilise those tools at my disposal. As both improve, so will the website. Even the inherent confines of the web allow a wealth of opportunity for creative expression. I hope to take advantage of it. There is a page here that lists the various formats and protocols that are used on my site. If you are unable to fully view portions, your browser likely doesn't support one or more of them. I make no apology for their usage. Each one is chosen as the best way for me to express a certain creative idea. No more does God apologise to the colorblind for his use of color. (Or for that matter his use of the ultraviolet and infrared spectra).

Throughout the site are scattered images of my own design and artwork by some of my favourite creative people. Some may be recognisable and others may be new. Diverse representative artists are Caspar David Friedrich, Piet Mondrian, Henri Matisse, Albert Bierstadt, Vincent Van Gogh, Albrecht Dürer, and many others.

Of course the hub for this site is the Contents page. It uses frames so your browser will need to be capable of displaying them. There are four categories to be found. Wonderings is where you can find my more imaginative writings. Wanderings holds tales of my various travels. Musings is where you will find my poetical creations. And Reflections is the home of more nonfictional writings and various thoughts on life, the universe, and everything.

Hopefully much can be learned about me from viewing these various areas. If a more direct bit of biographic material is desired, it might be found here. Or it might not.

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