Bike Trip 1994

9 January 1994

Freedom - I am finally on my own. I am responsible for myself. My parents no longer provide for me. I do or die based on my own choices and not upon anything from my parents.

This is the great experiment. Can I provide for myself and make the right choices? I am certain that I can. I have No Worries.

Got up this morning warm overall despite chilly feet and neck/face. Temperature was 2degrees or below. My Wiggy's bag seems to be rated accurately. I have mixed thoughts about the mummy configuration and its real value. Sure, if its warm enough, it ought to be fine. Less space for the body to heat. But if the bag is not warm enough, I think a rectangular shape is better. It allows you to bring your feet up into a fetal position for warmth which you cant do with an average mummy.

I slept with my head totally enclosed by the bag with just a hole to breathe. By morning there was a ring of frost around it.

Drove to Wheaton. Matt drove (Don's back hurt him.) the station wagon. Started seeing snow about halfway there. Wheaton supposedly got 5inches the previous couple of days. Arrived at 1:00. Dropped luggage off. Went to Matt's grandparents house and helped them prepare for their move to a retirement type home. Then we came back to the dorm. Hart's roommate, Shannon, arrived at 5:30 from Kansas.

We just lazed around and met a few guys as they wandered in and out.

At eight we went to the all-school communion service. There was a lot of singing; then a man got up and spoke of the importance of living a life pleasing to God. Francis Schaeffer's title "How Should We Then Live" was his theme.

Following the speaker was the Lord's Supper. I did not partake. I wonder if it is good to abstain once in a while to truly understand the significance of it when you do partake. I just didn't feel that I should. Before the speaker, various people stood up and spoke of God's greatness in their lives. I thought it interesting that probably 95% of them were guys.

A neat touch was that during the communion various people would start singing and the rest of us would join in. Very uplifting. This time most of the people were women.

Met Leslie, Matt's best girl-friend. He went to her window and tossed snow up until she came to see. She immediately said "Hi" to me after saying "Hi" to Matt. She already knew who I was.

We talked for awhile. Later at 10:45 we met downstairs. She reminds me of a combo of Maggie and Amy. She gave Matt a couple of presents. One, some star stickers, was defective. She was upset. They decided to write to the company and complain. Matt got his Bible and showed her the passage in Judges about Eglon. She hadn't believed us when we told her about it outside her window. Matt was convinced that the number 12 was significant and was pleased to see that it was verse 12.

She and Matt and Matt and I played cat's cradle. She showed us pictures. A friend of hers is a photographer. They want us to meet each other. Might be interesting.

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