Sand Island

a love story:

From the beginning of our relationship, I knew I wanted to marry her. We had begun with the discovery of so many mutual commonalities which quickly led to an inseperable friendship that deepened seemingly every day. At some point, when your best friend is a member of the opposite sex, you just have to face the question of whether the two of you can bear to be apart. "Can my best friend also be my lover? Can she be my wife? Can I live with the idea of someone else marrying her?" For me, it was obvious early on that I couldn't live without Marcy and I certainly didn't want to. With much fanfare we began a dating relationship on the 25th of February in 2007 with the intention of pursuing a marriage.

As the weeks and months went by and we became more convinced of our relationship and our goal of marriage, it only seemed reasonable to begin planning for it. We quickly settled on a date and location and even bridal party but as Marcy began getting enamoured with gowns and magazines for brides-to-be, I didn't want the romance of pursuing her to be lost in the details. I still had to propose.

The trouble was that I wanted to do it right. I wanted it to be absolutely romantically perfect. The Proposal had to inextricably mesh with our Story. Every detail, even the ring, needed to be custom-fitted to her and Us. It took time but slowly the pieces began to fall into place.