(a dream in stained glass)
Jan 2006
RT Crossing

She moves among the molecules of air
Like burgundy for waterfalls
And whispers softly in my ear
Of eastern skies adored

and I can only see
the sunrise in her eyes
her painted scenery

and only I can see
the future in her eyes
her holy mysteries

While simple words simply convey
Ideas in varied shades of grey
Beauty's truest colours show
In the spectrum of a woman's glow

We lay beneath the sea
of stars
is close
She moves like burgundy

and I'll hold you now
'cause now is but a lifetime
look into my eyes
and tell me who I am

and I'll hold you now
'cause now is for a lifetime
you're my heart surround
I'll give you all I am

These are my satin thoughts of you
Unspoken words between "I do"
You're a seal on my heart
You're a rose tattoo
And I can't see beyond you