Eden's End
Aug 2005
RT Crossing

We ended today
The thing that was us died with silent bitter tears
They hurt the most, you know
The tears of silence reflecting tears of deeper wounds
My love has left me ... nothing ... and all the worlds a tomb.

You tried to tell me once
that you would break my heart.
I didnt, couldnt listen
I gave it freely from the start.

You were naked with me
With the intimacies of friendship killing the fragile hope of love.
What price, true love. How cheaply is it sold.
A night of perfect pretence
An affair with love's illusion.
You talked about your night
I loved you and I listened
It was the hardest thing I ever did
We were beautiful and we died

I'm alone now. You've gone and left me
The shining barrier lies in ruin
My guard is up and eden is no more

Don't cry for me, you said
and so I smile
but when you look into my eyes
the tears that lie beneath are saved
for the girl with broken dreams
the girl that hides

I saw her once and sometimes catch a glimpse
She walks alone at night surrounded by her friends
She is beautiful, my moonlit mermaid
She broke my heart, I love her still

She broke my heart
She broke my heart
She broke my heart
She f***ing broke my heart