Echoes of Laughter
Jan 2006
RT Crossing

Twinkle brightly, little Star
Worlds of wonder, near and far
Grow in beauty, pure as white
Explode in brilliance in the night
With faith, hope, love

A little girl, a firefly
Dancing all around my sky
Simply magical and new
Awaken world, she'll sing to you
Of faith, hope, love


Eyes of water, eyes of fire
Eyes that glitter with desire
Impish eyes, or questioning
Tickled, joyous, all revealing
Faith, hope, love
A faith, hope, love

Laughter in a wishing well
Echoes ring like Tinker Bell
Lightning, thunder - wonder why
The stories of a dragonfly
Faith, hope, love
Her faith, hope, love


Draw a picture, make a card
Dress doggy in a leotard