Blood, My Beautiful Poetry
May 2004
RT Crossing

-the wounded soul which bleeds in me-
-the blood, the passion, the poetry-
-the poems of a refugee-
-a solace and a jubilee-

-in blinding darkness, blinding light-
-shades of wonder spark my sight-
-a forlorn hope, redemption's plight-
-arrest my soul, sweet bird of night-

-desperate dreams, unsought, unseen-
-enslave my heart in a deep ravine-
-a terrible doom is this time machine-
-no colour has more shades than green-

-I wrestle -still- I chase the skies-
-the hollow, all enveloping tries-
-of an artist seeking love's replies-
-and a lover seeking art's blest guise-

-I bleed and as the poems flow-
-I live and die - the wounds I know-
-reveal the truth, unveil the show-
-they are my bane, my friend, my foe-