Q: Why do you work where you work?

A: UPS - Because I make good money, get good benefits, and my whole day is free
Sound - Because it makes me feel like I'm part of the universe

Q: When you were little, did you picture yourself in a place like this?

A: No, I can't say that I did. I think I always envisioned myself traveling all the time

Q: How did you end up living here, by the way?

A: Moved here for music. Stayed here for love.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: I want to be a creator - using music, pictures, words
I want to be a traveller - always expanding my horizons
I want to be a lover - to experience beauty

Q: Has it always been that way?

A: You know, I think it has, I've just become more aware as I've grown older

Q: Biggest accomplishment of your life to date?

A: I successfully wowed and wooed an incredible woman. The relationship didn't last but that was due to other circumstances.
Umm, in a lot of ways some of what I am proudest of in my life are my poems.

Q: Best job you've ever had--why?

A: Well UPS is the logical choice, but the best jobs I've had have really been those that didn't have a monetary reward.

Q: WORST job you've ever had--why?  

A: Janitor at a church in Illinois. I was the tech director but they decided that I wasn't worth paying. They offered me the janitor position because they felt bad about taking advantage of me. What a joke. Worked twice as hard for half the money. Talk about feeling unappreciated. After a year of that, I moved to WI to work at a church that couldn't pay me but at least wanted to.

Q: What is your favorite part of summer?  

A: The extravagance of living things. (and the fact that it isn't winter)

Q: Winter?

A: December, the holidays, after that it is just a frozen hell. One thing I do like though, is every so often we get a winter thunderstorm which is incredibly beautiful. And I like that there are no biting bugs.

Q: Spring?

A: Winter is over. The world wakes up and smiles through its mussed up sheets and hair.

Q: Fall?

A: Still not winter! Fall exists to show us that dying can be beautiful.

Q: Musicians that you would burst into tears upon meeting?

A: Well thats a bit extreme... Beethoven, maybe... There are a lot of musicians out there whose art has touched me. Would I want to meet them? Mostly I don't care about that. I think I would like to meet Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Glenn Gould and Michigan J Frog.

Q: Household chore that MUST BE DONE or you will FREAK OUT?

A: I will go with flush the toilet and wash the dishes. I always feel good after a good vacuuming.
I never do it but I feel that my life would somehow be better if dusting were to happen.

Q: Movie you could never get sick of?

A: The Life Aquatic, Immortal Beloved, The Million Dollar Hotel, Fight Club, Harvey, High Fidelity, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, State and Main, The Big Blue, Chocolat, Lola Rennt, Waiting for Guffman, Love Actually, Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Waking Life, The Abyss, Zero Effect
Obviously too many to narrow down!

Q: CDs most played over the years?

A: Michael Pritzl's "The Gravity Show" Blue Man Group "Audio" Aunt Bettys "Aunt Bettys"
Aargh... There is no way I can accurately answer this question.

Q: Your best "I was SO wasted" story?

A: Wasted?

Q: What's the dirty indulgence you can't say no to?

A: Her

Q: Was there an event in your life that FINALLY made you grow up?

A: The death of my first bonsai tree opened my eyes to how irresponsible I could be.
Once a girl tried to use me to protect herself from the unwanted advances of some guy she knew.
I failed her and that sobered me up.
Being engaged and feeling that sense of responsibilty for another human being was bigger than I thought it would be.
Umm, wow, the breakup with my fiance turned my life around in ways I never would have seen.
Otherwise I feel like that moment hasn't yet come, perhaps.

Q: Peeve of all peeves?

A: Breaking the spine of a book being read.
Movies that have a scene where someone is about to use a microphone and there is a burst of feedback to "let you know" that the system is on. Grrr.
Believe it or not, I'm a guy who can't stand the toilet seat left up. Totally true.
There are few things I hate more than being carded. Seriously, it pisses me off.

Q: Most pleasantly surprising myspace friendship?

A: I've reacquainted myself with old friends through myspace but there haven't been any new relationships...

Q: Most dependable myspace friend?

A: Joy to the world Freedom is always on the air

Q: Are you officially supposed to be NOT myspacing right now?

A: Well I can but SHOULD I?

Q: Next big purchase you'd like to make?

A: laptop, synth, 1970s musclecar, russian bride (it's to help her out, really!)

Q: Store that makes you quiver?

A: The Tin Can Mailman in Arcata CA
If I'm honest I'd have to admit to liking IKEA
Whole Foods Market...
Championship Vinyl (in every elitist music lover's top five)

Q: Body part you'd die to get rid of?

A: umm that bump on my head...

Q: Body part you'd die if you lost?

A: all the rest... ALL the rest

Q: Have you ever:

Q: Hooked up with someone you met on the internet (how many times)?

A: I went on two dates with a woman I met online. She was several years older than me. I enjoyed her company but realised that we had different goals and it was unfair for me to continue.
Once I sweet-talked a girl into being my wife. It took me a year. She was a feisty one.
It didn't work out. It might have. I hope it did in a parallel universe somewhere.

Q: Picked your nose and ate it?

A: There are no witnesses. I have several alibis for that.

Q: Lit the wrong end of a cigarette?

A: No, but I've put batteries in the wrong way before.

Q: We all say we were dorks when we were little. What's your best Dorky Kid story?

A: The dorkiest time I can think of was when I was in high school and attended a friend's wedding dressed, umm, unconventionally. I wore a white shirt with black "rock climbing" pants and a pair of dive boots on my feet. Over everything was a sport coat of my dad's that was several sizes too big. I hope there are no pictures.

Q: Person on this planet whose ass you'd most like to kick?

A: I don't want to name names because you might warn them...
All the bullies in the world. Yep, all of them.
Actually, ever since I was 4 years old and I kicked that boy for teasing Beth, I've detested bullies.
There was a bully that I fought at the Nazarene School I briefly attended. Of course I was the one who got into trouble. Later while attending an Awana Club night, I got into trouble again over a bully.
There does appear to be a pattern here...
I was the kid who didn't give a damn what others thought of me, but I always hated seeing kids get picked on.

Q: Your sign and do you relate to it?

A: Umm, Capricorn... I've been told by those that "know" that I'm unusual - whatever that means

Q: Favorite thing to do on a day off?

A: Go somewhere. Walk, ride, drive, fly, doesn't matter.
Create something - even just something written for my website.
Be with those I love.

Q: Are you a thermostat Nazi?

A: I like being comfortable. However I am not afraid to make sacrifices for long term gains... But I hate to be cold...
Its complicated.

Q: TV show you're embarrassingly addicted to right now?

A: "Hustle" on AMC. "Pinks" on SpeedTV. "Monk" on USA is genius. "House" on Fox is the best doctor drama on television. I admit to the guilty pleasure of watching "Stargate" on SciFi. Of course "Seinfeld" reruns... and I have several tv shows on dvd... mostly I try to avoid watching the telly... at least by myself... its like drinking alone - not a good sign

Q: Fashion item you can be seen in more often than necessary?

A: I like my t-shirt and jeans. I guess those are necessary. Are tattoos fashion items?